BRG12733 or 03010891

Bridgestone T32 Sport Touring 120/70ZR17-GT


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Following in the footsteps of the T31, the T32 takes a step forward by incorporating innovative new tread designs and rubber compounds to give sport touring riders the confidence to hit the road, rain or shine.

-Evacuates water more effectively with a new tread pattern featuring Pulse Groove Technology™ and Silica Rich compounds*
-Increased cornering grip and improved feel from larger adhesion area provided by a 13% larger rear contact patch*
-7% shorter wet stopping distance with no sacrifice in wear life*
-Specific GT spec options for heavier bikes provides additional stability and 10% more wear life*
-GT Spec tires are recommend for bikes that have a dry weight above 500 lbs (where applicable sizes exist)

*Comparison based on Battlax T32 tire versus Bridgestone Battlax T31 tire from internal testing. Results may vary.

Dimensional weight listed

Bridgestone T32 Sport Touring 120/70ZR17-GT
Produced by Bridgestone of Japan