Canyon Dancer Motorcycle Tie-Down Harness

Canyon Dancer

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This is a handy device sold alongside the Ancra Products. It is used to tie down motorcycles that do not have a convenient place to attach conventional hooks. The strap fits over both rubber handlebar grips allowing the bike to be secured to the trailer with tie downs or ratchets. There is a very nice fleece sleeve over the straps that crosses the tank to help protect the finish.

Works especially well on the K1200LT and R1200/R1150/R1100RT models, where you have no place to tie down.

High strength nylon webbing
Stretch sleeve of polar fleece to protect tank finish
Fits most "sport touring bikes" - Great for the K1200LT and R1200/1150/1100RT

Please Note: Not for use on high rise bars or rubber-mounted bars.

Canyon Dancer Bar Harness
Produced by Canyon Dancer of USA

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