Continental TKC70 Dual Sport 110/80R19


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New TKC70 combines the best of the TKC80 off-road tire and ContiTrailAttack 2 on-road Adventure tire!

-Brand new Conti-tire with rugged off-road capability and a balanced street performance
-Only trail-tire with a radial design constructed for off-road use – Handmade in Germany
-TKC 70 is positioned for 60% on-road and 40% off-road use
-Unique tread block pattern makes the TKC 70 quiet and stable on the road while still providing good off-road capability
-Agile on streets and safe on gravel roads
-MultiGrip: Continentals own semi-dual compound technology allows different levels of hardness on the central tread and shoulder area (more mileage and improved grip)
-RainGrip: New compound with outstanding grip in wet weather conditions and very short warm-up phase
-The 0° steel belted construction guarantees high stability and a low kickback

"For the vast majority of off-highway travel, the TKC70s are a perfect compromise for heavy ADV bikes that will spend more time on road than off. They offer far superior dirt grip than the TrailAttack2 while offering very similar traction on the road. Unless your route includes sand, mud, or very soft and/or rocky terrain, the TKC70 is a wise choice because it’s designed to last a lot longer than a knobby." Cycle World 8/18/14

Flat Tire Roadside Assistance
Three (3) year complimentary towing up to 150 miles at no charge. Tires must be registered online at https://www.totalconfidence-plan.com/ to
qualify for Flat Tire Roadside Assistance. Coverage is valid on replacement motorcycle tire purchases valid after March 1, 2017.

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Continental TKC70 Dual Sport 110/80R19
Produced by Continental of Germany