Continental TKC70 Rocks Dual Sport 140/80-17


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The off-road evolution of the TKC 70 to a more aggressive adventure tire. - Coming soon!

-MORE CHOICE FOR YOUR BIKE: for the first time, a standard TKC 70 front tire can be combined with a more aggressive off-road oriented TKC 70 Rocks rear tire profile
-GRIP + HANDLING: more traction off-road with the usual excellent road performance of a TKC 70
-ROAD NOISE: a pleasantly quiet tire thanks to an enhanced lug arrangement to suppress noise
-HANDMADE IN GERMANY: Korbach radial tires for the adventure travel rider Adventure tire with off-road performance positioned between TKC 70 and TKC 80

Flat Tire Roadside Assistance
Three (3) year complimentary towing up to 150 miles at no charge. Tires must be registered online at https://www.totalconfidence-plan.com/ to
qualify for Flat Tire Roadside Assistance. Coverage is valid on replacement motorcycle tire purchases valid after March 1, 2017.

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Continental TKC70 Rocks Dual Sport 130/80-17
Produced by Continental of Germany