Continental TrailAttack 3 Dual Sport 140/80R17


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The most agile dual sport tire for easy, accurate and predictable
handling. A perfect combination of contour, compound, construction
and pattern design, the Continental Conti Trail Attack 3 warms-up within
miles, providing constant performance and a shorter break-in period
with improved mileage. Special compound and pattern design ensure the best performance
under wet conditions.

-High level of comfort, absorption and stability even on challenging road conditions
-Handmade in Germany
-Revised tread pattern, in combination with our latest RainGrip compound, offer exceptional grip in wet conditions.
-Extremely fast warm up times, with your tyre up to temperature within the first mile, even in cold weather.
-MultiGrip Technology improves mileage through a wear resistant central area and progressively increasing grip levels towards the shoulder, with no feeling of step as you lean the bike over.
-Our unique Traction Skin provides an extremely safe and short scrubbing in period. This is possible due to the revolutionary micro-roughness of the tread surface, which is the result of the new tyre mould coating technology which eliminates the need for tyre-release agents.
-Zero Degree steel belt limits tyre growth at high speeds to superb stability, even under heavy braking.

The Conti TrailAttack 3 is a tire designed specifically for the very latest adventure motorcycles.

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Continental TrailAttack 3 Dual Sport 140/80R17
Produced by Continental of Germany