Cruz Tools 10/12/19/22mm Hex BMW Axle Adapter

Cruz Tools

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Hex adapter fits into the 22mm hole on the R1200GS 2008-2012 front axle, 19mm hole on the R1200GS 2013-on, allowing use of a 19mm or 22mm wrench. It fits in a similar way on BOTH front and rear axles
of the F800GS and F650GS Twin and any axle with 19 or 22mm inner hex socket. Also fits 10mm drain plugs. Allows use of a normal wrench to hold the axle.

Torques for this operation are very low, basically the tool is used to hold, snug, or loosen the axle. In all cases there is a secondary nut or a pinch-bolt arrangement that holds the axle structurally.

-Oil drain plug removal with 10 mm size
-Front axle removal with 12 mm on BMW F850GS/A. F750GS
-Remove front axle with 22 mm on the BMW R1200GS and GSA
-The 19 mm size is for both front and rear axles on the F800GS, F700GS and the F650-Twin

Cruz Tools 10/12/19/22mm Hex BMW Axle Adapter
Produced by Cruz Tools of USA