Cyclops F800|700|650GS (08-13) LED Headlight Conversion Kit


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These plug & play LED replacements for the headlight of your BMW F800GS or F650GS Twin are a huge improvement over your stock high and low beam bulbs. Drawing less power, but putting out much more light, the LED kit is a must have if you ride at night or in inclement weather.

Easy to install, these lights simply plug into the stock wiring harness and install in place of the stock high and low beam bulbs. No modifications to your wirirng are necessary, and there are no Canbus faults or codes.

This kit includes two of the Cyclops 4000 Lumen H7 LED bulbs and a custom made cap for the high beam. Fitment Note: Many F800s had headlights warrantied by BMW, these warrantied headlights were actually 2014 versions and require the 2014 and newer kit. The difference is that the 2014 headlight has flat caps, while the 2013 versions have domed caps.

Please check the headlight version on your bike before purchasing a Cyclops headlight bulb & cap kit so you get the correct version for your bike. If your bike is a 2014 or newer, or has the flat plastic caps for the high and low beam, please order the kit for the 2014 and newer bikes, Cyclops F800|ADV|700GS (14-on) LED Headlight Conversion Kit.

-Plug and Play
-No Canbus faults
-Cree MKR Emitters X2
-Replaceable Driver
-Lumen Rating: 4000
-Color Temperature: 5700K
-Power Draw: 30 Watts
-Lifespan: 30,000 Hours
-One Year Warranty
-Connects to factory wiring, no modifications to wiring necessary

Cyclops F800|700|650GS (08-13) LED Headlight Conversion Kit
Produced by Cyclops of USA