Desert Fox Trail Gas Bag 20L

Desert Fox

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The nature of motorcycle and off-road riding often allows one to travel to remote regions, one of the reasons for making this sport so attractive.

Traveling to far flung places often comes with its caveats however, one of them being a lack of fuel. Another is the lack of space to carry fuel in a conventional “jerry “ type can. Jerry cans take up valuable space and, when empty, become a liability.

Thankfully there is an alternative. Now you can easily extend your traveling range without having to fit an expensive long range touring tank.

A 20L Collapsible jerry fuel can for 4×4 & motorcycle back up vehicles.

Designed as a robust 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm cube it has a minimal footprint for its 20 L capacity, saving valuable space. When not required simply collapse it to under half its size.

Ideal for emergency fuel as it can be stored in a boot or strapped to roof racks via integrated D-rings & Daisy chains

Features of the 20L Collapsible Jerry Fuel Can:
-Easily secures via 8 x Steel D rings ( 4 front and 4 back)
-Additional Daisy chains all round for alternative securing.
-D- Rings and Daisy chains are suitable for use with Rok Straps and other tie downs such as Bungee cords.
-Supplied with a 250mm length fuel spout that stores inside a dust-proof integrated pouch.
-4 Handles ( 2 Front and 2 back) simplifies fuel pouring
-Suitable for Petrol or Diesel
-Padded all round
-Base has integrated support
-Also suitable for water, provided that the cell has not been used for fuel before.

The Desert Fox Gas Bag is intended only for the temporary transport of liquid hydrocarbons for racing vehicles used in professional off road and closed course competition racing events only. The Gas Bag is not a portable or long-term fuel storage container as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state or federal agencies. By purchasing and filling this product with fuel, you agree that you have been trained in the safe handling of racing fuels; you agree that you will use the product for its designed and intended purpose; you assume all responsibility for the proper safe use of this product.

Desert Fox Trail Gas Bag 20L
Produced by Desert Fox of South Africa