Dunlop Sportmax Q5S Sport 200/55ZR17


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The successor to the highly popular Sportmax Q3+, the Dunlop Sportmax Q5S sets the new benchmark for the ultimate street and track capable tire. Following in the development footsteps of the Q5, the Q5S , when compare to the Q3+, has achieved even higher performance by utilizing aspects from Dunlop’s cutting-edge road race tires developed in Buffalo, NY and used in the MotoAmerica Road Race Series.

Having enhanced constructions, profiles, compounds and tread patterns, the Q5S provides lighter and nimbler handling and improved dry and wet grip to make it even more user-friendly all while maintaining class-leading durability.

To differentiate the Q5S from the Q3+, Dunlop wanted to make the Q5S have a lighter feel to make it more responsive for street riding. With this goal set, Dunlop went to work on making the necessary changes to achieve the performance characteristics they were looking for.

Intuitive Response Profile – It’s like your tire knows what you’re thinking.

Two compounds in the same tread give riders great mileage without sacrificing handling.

-The front tire profile and construction were changed to allow for a 7mm shorter tire. This shorter profile created a lighter steering feel and quicker turn-in rate to allow for a nimble handling tire.
-Intuitive Response Profile™ (IRP) technology allows for a taller tire profile along with sides that taper in more aggressively for remarkable turn-in response and feel.
-MT Multi-Tread™ technology in the Q5S rear tire uses a silica-infused, long-wearing compound in the center of the tread for longer tread life, and special lateral grip compounds on the left and right shoulders for outstanding grip.
-Improved compound to enhance both the dry and wet grip by adjusting the polymer, changing to a softer shoulder compound, increased the amount of carbon black content by utilizing Carbon R technology and increased oil content.
-Optimized tread pattern design to aid in quicker warm-up times and improved wear characteristics.

Dunlop Sportmax Q5S Sport 200/55ZR17
Produced by Dunlop of USA