Dynaplug Ultralite Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit


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The Dynaplug® tool does it all. Add it to your motorcycle tool kit and you’ll have the fastest, most convenient solution to repair a puncture in a tubeless tire. In fact, it delivers a permanent repair on 98% of all tubeless tire punctures. There are two key steps to repair: remove the puncture object and insert the viscoelastic rubber repair plug in the puncture path. The proprietary plug material fuses to the tire for a permanent repair. That's it! The Ultralite model is "ultra-lite" weighing only 2 ounces! It's made in the USA machined from Billet 6061 aluminum. A push-on silicone end cap seals the interior compartment for storing spare repair plugs and other accessories. Four repair plugs are included in the package. The Dynaplug method has been around for over a decade with tens of thousands repairs made around the world. Designed originally for car and truck tires, the method migrated to all tubeless tire applications from the heftiest Bobcat to mountain bike tires and everything in-between. Being stranded on the road can be dangerous, a waste of time and stressful. Why not travel more safely with Dynaplug along?

General Specifications
Tool Body Construction - Billet 6061 Aluminum / Silicone cap
Dimensions - 5.42” x .875”
Weight - 3oz.
Insertion Tube - Hardened 305 Stainless Steel
Plug Material - Viscoelastic Impregnated Rubber
Plug Tip - Nonabrasive Brass

1 - Dynaplug® Ultralite tool
4 - Tubeless tire repair plugs
1 - Insertion tube
1 - Pipe cleaner

Multiple plugs can be used for larger holes. Combine with a Cruz Tools kit and AirMan Tour Portable Air Pump or BestRest CyclePump Adventure for a complete roadside kit!

Dynaplug Ultralite Tire Repair Kit
Produced by Dynaplug of USA