GlobeRiders BMW R1200GS Adventure Touring Instructional DVD

GlobeRider/Helge Pedersen

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Helge's profound experience and knowledge gained in the course of his many travels, coupled with what we learn from our own bikes, and those of our clients on tour, make us uniquely qualified to know what works, what doesn't, and what to do when things go wrong in the field. In cooperation with our sponsors listed below, we have distilled that know-how and road savvy and have produced our new R1200GS Adventure Touring Instructional DVD.

The R1200GS DVD covers the many aspects of accessory selection, bike prep and outfitting, tire puncture repair, tool selection, what we've learned about the new CANbus system, and the many aspects of adventuring on BMW's flagship global tourer.

The R1200GS DVD is a 4-hour, 2-disc set, and includes bonus chapters on the BMW HP2, and an R1200GS/EZS adventure touring sidecar.

Disc One
1) Introduction
2) Special Parts - Reviews of more than 50 special parts & accessories, how to modify the standard BMW toolkit, what extra parts to carry, working with the CAN-BUS electrical system
3) BMW Panniers - Helge examines the new panniers by BMW/Touratech – how they work, strengths & weaknesses
4) Other Luggage - What to carry, how to distribute the weight & how to keep your gear dry – including tanks bags, camera bags, tent, sleeping bag
5) Touratech 1200GS - A standard 1200GS loaded to the max with Touratech parts & accessories
6) Air Filter - How to examine and replace the air filter
7) Oil Filter - How to change the oil and replace the oil filter.
8) Rear Brakes - How to change the brake pads
9) Front Brakes - How to change the brake pads

Disc Two
10) Puncture Repair - Several different ways of fixing flat tires while “out in the bush” including products by BestRest Products, BMW, Genuine Innovations and Touratech
11) Tire Change - How to easily remove the wheels from the bike and change tires including tips on breaking the bead
12) BONUS: HP2 with Modifications - Helge shows his new HP2 and its special modifications in preparation for the GlobeRiders Indochina Expedition.
13) BONUS: R1200GS with Sidecar - GlobeRider Mike Paull shows his one-of-a-kind R1200GS with a fully loaded GS sidecar kit that includes special parts from Touratech, radar detectors, laser jammers, an electromagnetic shifter, additional battery and highly modified electrical system

BMW R1200GS ADV Adventure

GlobeRiders Helge Pedersen BMW R1200GS Adventure Touring Instructional DVD
Officially Sponsored by Sierra BMW Motorcycle
Produced by Helge Pedersen/Globeriders