Heli R1200S TracStar® Handlebars

Heli Bars

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Our newest TracStar offering is a one piece alloy marvel and natural evolution of our already successful K1200S TracStar handlebars. CNC machined using Heli Modified’s proprietary method rendering handlebars that provide better handling, more comfort and offer vastly improved feedback and leverage. Designed for the rider that wants more comfort with a trick look and feel.

•Retains all stock cables, hydraulic lines and damper end weights
•Satin cast finish
•6061 Aluminum construction
•Easy installation
•Works with factory heated grips
•Comfortable down angle and back angles have been retained
•1 ¼” (32mm) taller
•¾” (19mm) rearward
•1” (25mm) at 27 ¼”

Approximately 1 hour to install

Heli R1200S TracStar® Handlebars
Produced by Heli Modified of USA