Hornig K|R|F|G Series Shift Extender


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Many BMW riders think that their shift lever is a little too thin and doesn't give enough grip when they're shifting. This enlarger will solve this problem for you as it offers more grip and a more sporty look for your bike. Available in polished or anodized, with or without o-rings.

Please choose from 4 styles below. Fits G310R, G310GS, F800R, F800ST, F800S, F900R, F900XR, K1200LT, K1200RS|GT, K1200S, K1200GT2, K1200R|R Sport, K1300S, K1300GT, K1300R, K1600GT, K16000GTL, K1600B, R1100GS, R1150GS|ADV, R1200GS|ADV, R1100R, R1150R, R1100RT, R1150RT, R1200RT, R1100S, R1200S, R1100RS, R1150RS, R1200ST, R1200R, R1200GS WC, R1200GS ADV WC, R1200RT WC, R1200RS WC, R1200R WC, R1250GS, R1250GS ADV, R1250RT, R1250R, R1250RT, R1300GS, S1000R, S1000RR, S1000XR

Hornig K|R|F|G Series Shift Extender
Produced by Hornig of Germany