Hornig R1200RS WC (16-on)|R WC (15-on) Bar Risers


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These handlebar risers for the water-cooled R1200RS and R1200R let you sit up straighter and be more comfortable on longer rides. You'll notice a definite decrease in the stress on your wrists and shoulders. Your trip will be safer, you'll arrive more relaxed. The riser is installed between the handlebars and the upper fork brace. The longer screws required are included in the kit.

-Made of aluminium
-Silver anodised
-High-strength, stainless steel screws

What's included:
-Handlebar riser, 25 mm high on the left and right
-Longer mounting screws
-Installation instructions

Hornig R1200RS WC (16-on)|R WC (15-on) Bar Risers
Produced by Hornig of Germany