Hyper-Lite Supplemental LED Brake Light Kit (all BMW models)


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Hyper-Lite Supplemental LED Brake Light Kit (all BMW models) The Hyper-Lite is a device to warn drivers of a stopping motorcyclist ahead. Extra lights flash in addition to the regular brake light.

-Waterproof.....Shock Resistant.....Impossible to Ignore
-Superbright 4500 mcd LED safety systems created for the demanding world of motorcycling.
-Electronics encased in epoxy to stabilize and protect from weather and vibration.
-Patented flashing brake lights provide efficient visibility of rider and machine.
-Works with all 12 volt systems, all BMW models.
-Every part possible and all assemblies are proudly MADE in AMERICA.

Constantly tested and improved since their introduction in the mid 1990s, Hyper-Lites have evolved from solid state electro-mechanical to micro processor controlled systems designed to work with and protect today's sophisticated BMW CAN-BUS systems.

Standard Hyper-Lites are only brake lights, dual function Hyper-Lites add a running light function.

Please choose version, standard or dual function, and 8 or 16 LED units (per side). You can also choose to add the Hyper-Lite license plate bracket, they recommend them for the following machines but it makes install easier on any machine:
K1300/1200S/R/R Sport

Note: If you need the California-legal version (4 flashes then solid) just let us know in the Comments of your order.

Hyper-Lite Supplemental LED Brake Light Kit (all BMW models)
Produced by Hyper-Lite of USA