Kaoko F800GS|F650GS2 w/handguards|RnineT Throttle Lock


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Kaoko Cruise Controls are purpose-built for a variety of motorcycles over 600cc. They consist of a friction nut that is integral with a replacement handlebar-end weight. To install, just remove the right hand bar weight, replace it with Kaoko's bar weight, and firmly tighten the central retaining screw.

-Greatly reduces rider fatigue and strain on hand and wrist
-While cruising, rider is able to remove hand from throttle grip, throttle opening will remain as set
-Very simple to operate, even with heavy winter gloves
-High quality, compact and durable design, super smooth action
-Takes less than 5 minutes to fit
-Very little maintenance is required
-Less wear and tear on throttle cables and linkages
-Can result in reduced fuel consumption

F650GS, '08-12 with BMW handguards
F800GS, '08-12 with BMW handguards

Kaoko F800GS|F650GS2 w/handguards|RnineT Throttle Lock
Produced by Kaoko of South Africa