Kriega Alloy Hook Strap Set


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Replacement strap set for the current generation of US-10, US-20, and US-30 bags, upgrade for earlier models, or whatever!

Upgrade alloy hook straps for older generation US-10 and 20 packs (standard on post 2012 product). Extra secure sub-frame fitting kit allows tailpack combinations of up to 90-litres. Fitting straps have been designed to fit virtually any style of bike. Particularly suitable for traditional one-piece seats or bolt-on seat-pads/racks.
Some bikes already have web loops attached to the seat-pad/base. In this case we still recommend the fitting of the Kriega loops, as fitting to the subframe is far stronger than to the seat.
Remove bike seat and locate the best mounting areas on the rear subframe. It may be necessary to slot the internal plastic tray if no subframe metalwork is exposed. Attach the 4x 20mm web loops securely to high strength areas of the frame. The 20mm loops are adjustable in length. Final adjustments should be carried out with the seat/pad fitted. Once set, the web must be threaded back through the adjuster to lock-off the webbing. See the threading diagram on this page. To fit the US-pack, hook on the web loop, attach the top quick-release buckle and cinch down the bag on to the bike. Always use the 2 x strap keepers on the web to manage the loose ends. Please also ensure that the quick-release buckles are correctly "clicked."

-Custom 6061-T6 alloy hooks
-Multi-position: inline or across bike seat
-Easy on/off bike
-No loose straps left on bike
-Std. strap length 600mm
-4 x Acetal ITW Airloc buckles
-4 x 20mm sub-frame loops
-10 year guarantee

200.00 Grams

Kriega Alloy Hook Strap Set
Produced by Kriega of UK