Metzeler Sportec M9RR Sport 120/70ZR17


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Ride the Unexpected
The Supersport tyre for your daily leans, enhancing the pleasure of riding without worrying about the unexpected, be that changing tarmac or weather conditions.

Outstanding handling - Strong structure
-METZELER SPORTEC™ M9 RR innovative chord technology has contributes to a larger space for the rubber to dynamically perform, without effecting the stiffness.

Great riding pleasure​
-The strong structure provides a quick and predictable

Quick warm-up, impressive wet response:
-Supersport tyre with full silica in all compounds, thanks to innovative mixing process and to ultra-fine silica, SPORTEC™ M9 RR features full silica in all compounds for both front and rear sizes.

High grip since the first corner
-SPORTEC™ M9 RR performs optimally also at low

Plenty of grip to face tough challenges
-High cornering grip, large consistency over the entire profile - The Cap & Base dual-compound layout consists of a soft compound on the side to promote high cornering grip. This is supported by a harder layer to ensure consistency and thermal balance. Regardless of how wet the surface is, or the level of the tarmac, significant levels of grip is provided.
-Great stability on straight, superb confidence at full lean

Maximum performance throughout the entire tyre lifespan:
-Perfected thermal balance - Full silica prevents overheating and preserves tyre integrity, for the maximum performance throughout the entire lifespan.

Extended dual-compound
-Dual-compound for both front and rear sizes optimises

-Cap & base dual compound layout featured on the front and rear delivers consistent performance throughout the entire tire lifespan
-Quick warm-up and impressive wet response thanks to 100% silica compounds
-Outstanding handling for a great riding experience

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Metzeler Sportec M9RR Sport 120/70ZR17
Produced by Metzeler of Germany