Mitas E-07+ Dakar Dual Sport 150/70B17


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The Mitas E-07+ is an important evolution of the popular E-07 dual-sport tire that's been developed expressly for larger adventure bikes such as the BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure, KTM 1190 and 1290 Adventure models, and Triumph's latest Explorer. A modified tread pattern makes the E-07+ an ideal mate to these larger machines, thanks to larger individual knobs to better handle these machines' weight and power. Retaining sufficient gaps between tread blocks ensures good traction in tricky off-road situations.

Built with bias-ply construction so the carcass can handle trail-borne abuse, the E-07+ employs a chevron tread pattern that conquers dirt, deep sand, gravel, and grass. On pavement, the versatile E-07+ instills confidence when cornering and in wet conditions with stability and comfort even at highway speeds. Even better, the E-07+ is built with durability and long mileage in mind. If your adventures include a good portion of off-road trekking, the new Mitas E-07+ is the way to go.

-Robust Dakar construction is less prone to punctures & trail damage
-50/50 street/dirt use
-Bias Ply construction
-Tubeless tire design
-Superior performance in all conditions
-Smooth & quiet highway ride
-Improved dry/wet grip on pavement with increased contact patch, ample traction on a variety of surfaces
-Excellent in deep sand, gravel, dirt, grass and wet pavement
-Chevron tread arrangement maximizes biting edges
-Large tread block design is self-cleaning in dirt, sand, mud & other terrain
-Designed for maximum mileage

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Mitas E-07+ Dakar Dual Sport 150/70B17
Produced by Mitas of Europe