R&G Racing S1000RR (15-18) Adjustable Rearset Kit

R&G Racing

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These R&G Road and Race Shift Rearsets improve the performance of the mighty S1000RR. Improved grip from the knurled footpegs ensures your boots will stay put even in the wet. The rearsets can be set up as standard or GP shift without additional hardware or modifications. Enjoy effortless buttery smooth shifting and braking in 11 different possible positions to find the most comfortable and functional ergos for racing or enthusiastic riding. Anodized in black for durability and stealth aesthetics.

-Can be used as standard shift (1 down 5 up) or GP shift (1 up 5 down) with no modifications
-GP shift allows more room to upshift while accelerating out of corners
-Footpegs are adjustable up to 11 different positions
-Knurled pegs provide superb grip in all situations
-Brake and shift pegs knurled for surefooted braking and shifting
-Shifter peg is adjustable in multiple positions for optimum reach
-Pegs do not fold away for increased protection in a fall
-CNC machined aluminum design
-Anodized in black with R&G logo

-Left and right foot controls
-Mounting hardware
-Installation instructions

R&G Racing S1000RR (15-18) Adjustable Rearset Kit
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom