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Puig F800GS|ADV|GT|R|F700GS|F650GS2 Adjustable Folding Clutch Lever 3.0


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Renew the levers of your motorcycle with the new PUIG 3.0 levers. It is the evolution from version 2.0. PUIG has emphasized the ergonomic improvement of the piece and improved the look of the levers to bring a more modern and aggressive touch to the bike.

The new shape of the levers allows for a perfect handle that will guarantee greater grip and accessibility, making the riding experience of your motorcycle more unique.

Regarding the new looks, PUIG has renewed all the graphics that are included in the piece adapting them to the new times.

PUIG has managed to modify the ergonomics to ensure that the fingers will work comfortably.

As for the assembly of these, the levers are delivered with detailed instructions and do not require modification of the motorcycle.

-CNC machined high-grade aluminum
-All parts are "Hard Anodized" for durability and fade resistance
-All Stainless 316 hardware
-Ergonomic design for comfort feel
-Folding lever for breakage prevention
-Hollowed to lighten (100g) and maintain performance in case of partial breakage
-6-point position adjuster
-20mm length adjustment

Puig F800GS|ADV|GT|R|F700GS|F650GS2 Adjustable Folding Clutch Lever 3.0
Produced by Puig of Spain