R&G Racing G310R|G310GS Radiator Guard

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The R&G radiator guard for BMW G310R/G310GS safeguards the most vulnerable component of the cooling system from bugs, stones, and other debris. Lightweight aluminum mesh is surrounded by a seamless frame and powder coated in black for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. This essential radiator guard preserves hundreds of fragile cooling fins so airflow is maximized while significantly reducing the risk of a puncture. Your sticky front tire can easily launch a stone or piece of debris and cause a coolant leak leaving you stranded miles from home, or even worse cause your engine to overheat! Installation is straightforward without the need to perform permanent modifications. Properly protect your G310R or GS with a radiator guard from the preservation experts at R&G!

-Lightweight aluminum mesh with seamless frame
-Provides essential protection for the vulnerable radiator
-Deflects bugs, stones & other debris thrown by other vehicles & your own front tire
-Reduces the risk of a puncture and possible engine overheat situation
-Allows maximum air flow & cooling system efficiency
-Preserves radiator performance by protecting fragile cooling fins from damage
-Helps to prevent external corrosion of radiator by lodged debris
-Powder coated finish enhances durability & corrosion resistance
-Simple & easy to mount utilizing factory original mounts
-Highly recommended investment that could prevent expensive radiator repair or replacement
-No modifications needed to complete installation

What's in the box:
-R&G radiator guard
-Mounting material
-Installation instructions

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R&G Racing G310R|G310GS Radiator Guard
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom