R&G Racing R1250|Boxer WC|Hexhead|K1300|K1200 Swingarm Protector

R&G Racing

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Offering essential protection to the swingarm shaft drive system, protecting it from damage in the event of a crash, slide or drop. Easy to install.

This swingarm (shaft) protector is suitable for the the following models:
HP2, K1200GT2, K1200R, K1200S, K1300R, K1300S, R1200GS, R1200GS LC, R1200GS LC Adventure, R1250R, R1250RS, R1200R, R1200S, R1200RS, R1200RT, RNineT, R1250RT & R1250GS

R&G Racing R1250|Boxer Water-Cooled|Hexhead|K1300|1200 Series Swingarm Protector
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom