R&G Racing R1250RS|R1200RS WC|R1250R|R1200R WC Frame Plug Kit

R&G Racing

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The R&G Frame Plug Kit is designed to cover all of the exposed holes in the frame to protect bolts and other hardware while providing a cleaner finished appearance. Machined High Density Polyethylene ensures a precise fit while preventing build up of dirt and debris. This extensive kit completes the look of the main frame so your BMW continues to look its finest!

-Complete frame plug kit
-7 Pieces cover all the exposed holes on the frame
-Machined High Density Polyethylene for a precise fit
-Prevents build up of dirt and debris
-Simple & easy to install

-7 Frame plugs
-Installation instructions

R&G Racing R1250RS|R1200RS WC (16-on)|R1250R|R1200R WC (15-on) Frame Plug Kit
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom