R&G Racing R1250RS|R1200RS WC|R1250R|R1200R WC Kickstand Shoe

R&G Racing

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R&G combines aluminum and stainless steel plates together in their sidestand foot enlarger. The end product allows you to park your BMW R1200R or R1200RS on hot pavement with confidence. Your heavy duty motorcycles kickstand has a tendency to sink in softer ground, perhaps causing an unfortunate and expensive tip over. This sidestand enlarger is made to securely encase your original footprint, and extend it up to 100% of its original size. By taking a few minutes of your time you will be creating better load distribution of your motorcycles weight, and avoid the ugly scene of your pride and joy on its side.

The top portion of the foot enlarger is made of strong and durable stainless steel, while the bottom is manufactured using corrosion resistant aluminum. These plates sandwich your existing sidestand foot using countersunk Allen bolts. The R&G sidestand foot enlarger is designed to fit your motorcycle exactly, and add a bit more “oomph” to this adventure touring machines look.

-Aluminum and stainless steel construction
-Bolt on design installs in minutes
-Does not affect ground clearance
-Will not interfere with drive systems

What’s In The Box:
-Sidestand foot enlarger
-Installation instructions

R&G Racing R1250RS|R1200RS WC (16-on)|R1250R|R1200R WC (15-on) Kickstand Shoe
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom