R&G Racing R1250RT|R1200RT WC (14-) Kickstand Shoe

R&G Racing

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With the R&G Kickstand Shoe for your water-cooled R1200RT, you can prevent the sinking and toppling of your bike by enlarging the footprint of your side stand by up to 100%. No need to worry about carrying around a spare puck ever again!

Despite this enlargement, the shoe does not affect ground clearance or interfere with the chain run during normal riding. The R&G Kickstand shoe bolts onto the bottom of the side stand helping to prevent penetrating or "poking" into soft ground.

Available for nearly 100 different bikes, including mainstream adventure, sport, naked and touring machines, each shoe installs super quickly with three countersunk allen bolts and binds the existing stand foot with an aluminum bottom level to prevent corrosion and is topped with a stainless steel lid for strength.

The R&G Kickstand Shoe significantly spreads the load applied by your motorcycle to help prevent the side stand from sinking into hot asphalt, sand and other soft surfaces.

-Enlarges the original's footprint by up to 100%
-Evens out the load of the motorcycle
-Does not affect ground or swing arm clearance
-Smooth edges prevent snagging and catching

What's In The Box:
-One R&G Kickstand Shoe
-Installation hardware
-Installation instructions

R&G Racing R1250RT|R1200RT WC (2014-on) Kickstand Shoe
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom