R&G Racing S1000RR|S1000XR (20-) Oil Cooler Guard Black

R&G Racing

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The R&G oil cooler guard for your BMW S1000RR provides protection against stones and other debris from causing serious damage and even a dangerous puncture. A lightweight aluminum mesh screen is surrounded by a seamless frame and hard anodized for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.

Installation is simple as the factory mounting locations are utilized and no modifications are needed. Safeguard your S1000RR's oil cooler with a guard from the protection experts at R&G!

-Lightweight aluminum mesh surrounded by a seamless frame
-Provides impact protection from stones & other debris
-Prevents bugs & debris from getting clogged in cooling fins
-Permits maximum airflow for efficient cooling performance
-Reduces the risk of a puncture which can cause a dangerous oil leak & possible engine damage
-Hard anodized for improved durability & corrosion resistance
-Simple to mount utilizing OEM mounts without modifications
-Available in black, titanium, dark blue, light blue, or red

What's in the box:
-R&G oil cooler guard
-Mounting materials
-Installation instructions

R&G Racing S1000RR|S1000XR (20-) Oil Cooler Guard Black
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom