R&G Racing S1000RR (23-) Aero Crash Protectors (Asymmetrical)

R&G Racing

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The R&G aero style frame sliders provide essential protection during fall or slide by keeping critical components from contacting the ground. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bobbins are abrasion resistant and impact absorbing and designed to be the first point of contact with the pavement to prevent road rash and other severe damage. These protective sliders are mounted to the frame with de-embrittled bolts which intentionally bend instead of snapping off at the point of failure so your bike isn't left unprotected.

These frame sliders are a relatively small investment compared to the expense of crash repairs or replacement OEM parts. Trusted by British Superbike race teams and California Superbike School to safeguard their entire fleet. Keep your bike safe with a set of R&G Aero Style frame sliders from R&G!

-Greatly reduces the risk damage during a tip-over drop or slide
-Safeguards vulnerable components such as the frame & engine cases
-Abrasion resistant & impact absorbing High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sliders
-Aerodynamic tear-drop sliders with hidden mounting hardware provide an attractive appearance
-De-embrittled mounting bolts deflect impact forces and bend instead of snapping off (at the point of failure) to prevent leaving your motorcycle completely unprotected
-Designed to contact the ground first during a fall to protect expensive hard parts
-Improves the chance you'll be able to ride home after an incident vs. waiting for a tow truck

What's in the box:
-Left & right side frame sliders
-Mounting hardware
-Installation instructions

Please Note Modifications to bike- LHS 28mm Drill Hole only! Because LHS and RHS engine mounts are different heights on the S1000RR, these frame sliders will appear asymmetrically.

R&G Racing S1000RR (23-) Aero Crash Protectors (Asymmetrical)
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom