R&G Racing S1000RR|R|XR|HP4 Offset Cotton Reels

R&G Racing

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Are they cotton reels or spindle sliders? Well, they're both really!!

The Cotton Reel is mounted to a special, black-anodized aluminum bracket (included with the kit). The product will give protection to the swingarm area in most crashes. Also the bike can be lifted on the Cotton Reels, using a paddock stand with hooks. For rear wheel removal, you can take the Cotton Reels out of the aluminum blocks and insert them into the paddock stand bobbin screw holes.

"I really like them because it keeps the rear stand away from my swing arm (less chance for scratching up my swing arm)... plus provides better crash protection since they are way out on the end. It also keeps the spools further away from the exhaust so there is less chance of conflict as you compress the suspension (depending on what other spools you might go with). If you get too big of spools on the swing arm (too long), they may be able to touch the muffler... (and they look cool IMO) You can move the spools from the Offsets to the swing arm if you need to take the axle out or rear wheel off."
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R&G Racing S1000RR|R|XR|HP4 Offset Cotton Reels
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom