R&G Racing S1000XR (15-19) Aero Crash Protectors

R&G Racing

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The R&G Aero frame sliders are designed to prevent the frame and fairing from contacting the ground in the event of a slide or crash to minimize possible damage. Abrasion resistant High Density Polyethylene actually helps to slow the bike without causing aggressive deceleration that could cause even more damage. The sliders are mounted to the bike using de-embrittled steel bolts that will bend instead of breaking when a heavy impact is inflicted so your bike isn't left unprotected. Simple and easy installation is accomplished with no fairing modifications required. Invest in trusted protection from R&G to keep your rig safe.

-High Density Polyethlyene Sliders
-Aerodynamically shaped tear drop design
-De-embrittled steel bolts bend instead of snapping
-Mounts securely to frame and engine supports
-Preserves fairing and frame from contact with the ground
-No Fairing modifications required for fitment

-Left and right frame sliders
-Mounting hardware
-Installation instructions

R&G Racing S1000XR (15-19) Aero Crash Protectors
Produced by R&G Racing of United Kingdom