RCU R1150RS|R1100RS Accessory Shelf


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The RCU Designs Accessory Shelf for the R1100RS and R1150RS is ideal for mounting a radar detector, GPS unit, a garage door opener or whatever you might think of that will mount on the approximate 4” x 10” surface.

The shelf is supported above the handlebar mounts using four brackets and two new handlebar screws that replace the existing screws. The cutout gives visibility to the dash warning lights. Shelf and brackets are machined from aircraft-quality, aluminum alloy. The shelf and brackets are painted in black powder coat for an unbelievably tough and long-lasting finish. Screws, washers and nuts are black, zinc-plated for corrosion resistance.

The shelf can be easily drilled to mount your accessories or many users have found that adhesive-backed, industrial-strength, hook and loop material will satisfy their needs.

Of course, there are no holes to drill for installation.

RCU R1150RS|R1100RS Accessory Shelf
Produced by RCU Designs of USA
Distributed in North America by Sierra BMW