BS306A x 2 + BS713B x 2

Rizoma Veloce L Mirror w/Integrated Light Kit


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The VELOCE L mirror with integrated LED indicator features a unique combination of two different materials. Billet aluminum body (obtained by 3D precision machining) and an aerodynamic polymer shell. Besides making it more eye-catching, the use of two different materials makes it lighter. Aerodynamic shaping helps prevent turbulence at speed. A large reflective surface area, which complies with European homologation standards, ensures, along with the adjustment system and convex anti-dazzle glass, an optimal field of view. Alluring design adapts perfectly to even the most captivating naked models.

Integrated Light: a good solution to replace the mirror on sports bikes, and a racing touch as an alternative on a naked.

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Rizoma Veloce L Mirror w/Integrated Light Kit
Produced by Rizoma of Italy