Suburban Machinery R1250RT Footpeg Lowering Kit

Suburban Machinery

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Increase comfort and leg room with this kit for your BMW Motorcycle. Designed specifically for the water-cooled RT and tucked in 1/4" tighter than the Suburban Machinery R1250RT|R1200RT WC|R1200RT|R1150RT|R1100RT Footpeg Lowering Kit.

New style left and right side adapter:
-Footpeg moves 1.45" down and .38" forward.
-Left side design eliminates the need for a longer shift lever in most cases.

Fits: R1250RT, R1200RT WC. If you have an R1250RT or R1200RT WC and find that you need to move the shifter further than stock adjustment allows, please see the Suburban Machinery R1200RT WC Shift Linkage Arm.

Suburban Machinery R1250RT|R1200RT WC Footpeg Lowering Kit
Produced by Suburban Machinery of USA