SW-Motech Quick-Lock Fasteners (pair)


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This pair of Lockable Quick-Locks can be used to replace any one of the standard Quick-Locks found on each sidecarrier. The set includes two matched keys. Helps prevent theft by locking the racks to the bike.

Redesigned to make this item smaller and easier to grip after unlocking, the lock twists off much like a standard Quick-Lock fastener. Only one pair needed per bike - one lock for each siderack. The keys and lock cylinders are unique, so these cannot be keyed to match your bike or luggage cases.

Tips for using Lockable Quicklocks:
-Take the key out of the lock cylinder when trying to turn the lock. This will insure that the lock is either fully locked or fully unlocked when you turn it. If you leave the key in the unit when trying to turn it, the lock may jam or you may break your key.
-When installing the Lockable Quicklock, slide it into the siderack, then place the retention washer over the tip of the LQ. Once the retention washer is installed on the LQ, attach the siderack to the mounting tabs on the bike.

SW-Motech Quick-Lock Fasteners (pair)
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany