SW-Motech Evo Quick-Lock Fasteners (pair)


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Anti-theft protection for EVO side carriers
Pick-pocket protection: the EVO side carrier can be removed in no time thanks to the Quick-release fasteners. To protect against theft, we recommend replacing a QUICK-LOCK quick-release fastener with the lockable anti-theft device. It reliably secures the EVO side carrier to the motorcycle.This set contains two anti-theft devices. The locks lock simultaneously, so you only need one lock for both sides. A spare key is also included in delivery.

-Anti-theft protection for EVO side carriers
-With the anti-theft protection, any two quick release fasteners can be replaced
-Set for right and left EVO side carriers, consisting of 2 matching locks and 2 identical keys

Included in delivery
-2 x Anti-theft protection for EVO side carriers
-2 x keys
-Total Weight: appr. 0,2 kg / appr. 0.3 lb

Tips for using Lockable Quicklocks:
-Take the key out of the lock cylinder when trying to turn the lock. This will insure that the lock is either fully locked or fully unlocked when you turn it. If you leave the key in the unit when trying to turn it, the lock may jam or you may break your key.
-When installing the Lockable Quicklock, slide it into the siderack, then place the retention washer over the tip of the LQ. Once the retention washer is installed on the LQ, attach the siderack to the mounting tabs on the bike.

SW-Motech Evo Quick-Lock Fasteners (pair)
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany