SW-Motech S1000XR (16-19) Centerstand


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The SW-MOTECH Centerstand is one of the most versatile accessories you can add to the S1000XR. German quality engineering ensures flawless integration with OEM exhaust and sidestand components while maximizing leverage for easy engagement. Robust tubular steel construction in this centerstand provides a stable & secure foundation for supporting the weight of your BMW while also making it easier to adjust your chain, change a tire, repair a flat and even clean your wheels while on the go! Cornering clearances are not sacrificed and lean angles remain unaffected.

Installing this centerstand is straightforward and bolt-on simple; no drilling, cutting welding or relocating other components for fitment. Only common hand tools are required, but a Centerstand Spring Mounting Tool is available to assist installation of the double retention spring. This spring keeps the centerstand firmly in place no matter the road or lack thereof. If one spring should fail, the second spring acts as a safety feature to prevent the unit from contacting the ground until you make it back home. Finished in a durable powder coated black to prevent corrosion and maintain a factory appearance.

-Stout tubular steel construction
-German engineering maximizes leverage for ease of deployment
-Foot lever allows body weight to catapult the bike onto the centerstand
-Wide stance provides a stable foundation for parking without forfeiting cornering clearance or lean angle
-Safely perform basic maintenance on the go: chain adjustment, tire changes & wheel cleaning
-Integrates seamlessly with OEM exhaust and sidestand without modifications or relocating components
-Powder coated black finish prevents corrosion and maintains a factory appearance
-Simple bolt on installation does not require cutting, welding, or drilling
-Rubber travel stop provides a soft place for the centerstand to retract onto
-Double retention spring keeps centerstand where it belongs while traveling on bumpy roads or lack thereof while also providing support should one spring fail, keeping the centerstand from contacting the road

-SW-MOTECH Centerstand
-Mounting hardware
-Installation instructions

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SW-Motech S1000XR (16-19) Centerstand
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany