SW-Motech S1000XR (16-19) EVO Adjustable Footpeg Kit


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Enhance your on and off road riding with the SW-MOTECH EVO Foot Peg Kit designed specifically for the BMW S1000XR. These foot pegs have a unique design with an offset cam located by a sturdy splined shaft that allows selection of 12 positions. At the highest position, the EVO Foot Peg Kit is level with the stock location. At the lowest, the pegs drop the foot position by 0.6in (15mm). The cam design also allows the pegs to be positioned slightly down and slightly forward, about 0.3in (8mm) in each direction, as well as slightly down and back. The EVO Foot Peg Kit also permits changing the face angle of the peg plus or minus 18 degrees for maximum comfort. Meshing teeth on the adjustment pivots provide solid positioning to ensure your pegs remain in the position you select. With a larger surface area than stock foot pads, removable aggressive rubber tread pads and traction lugs with rounded edges for longer boot life, you will enjoy solid foot position no matter how sloppy conditions get. Complete with model specific hinged mounts and easy to install, this kit features marked increments to simplify and ensure symmetrical adjustments for both pegs. Ride your next motorcycle adventure to your potential with EVO Adjustable Foot Pegs by SW-MOTECH.

-Adjustable to 12 positions
-Maximum change from stock is 0.6in (15mm)
-Offset internal ratchet pivots to set position
-Positions set at 18 degree intervals
-Cams marked to ensure symmetrical adjustments on left and right pegs
-Meshed teeth on pivots provide strong connections
-Footpad size is 3.5in (89mm) long x 2.5in (64mm) wide
-Removable rubber inserts secured by one easily accessible screw
-Aggressive rubber pattern for maximum traction during on-road riding
-Deeply serrated teeth for improved traction while riding off road
-Enlarged contact area compared to stock pegs
-Rounded edges to reduce boot wear
-Electropolished cast stainless steel foot peg construction

-Left and Right EVO Footrests
-Removable rubber inserts
-Left and Right Footpeg mounting hinges
-Mounting hardware
-Installation Instructions

SW-Motech S1000XR (16-19) EVO Adjustable Footpeg Kit
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany