TechSpec S1000RR (20-) SnakeSkin Gripster Tank Pad Kit


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TechSpec's theory of achieving a solid grip is based on material properties and surface area contact. TechSpec's materials were created for a riding enhancement experience. No snagging, no hang ups, just squeeze down and enjoy the ride.

Snake Skin is a basic, .125" thin "Grip Pad" with a low profile diamond grip pattern. With Snake Skins .125" thickness and the rubber padding properties, one will not only feel an excellent grip into the tank, less pressure on your wrists, elbows and shoulders, but could also notice a reduction in shock and vibration from the bike and road. TechSpec's Snake Skin grip pads are an excellent product for all riders and uses TechSpec's "Releasable/Reusable adhesive". True quality and a one of a kind product!

-Increase and maintain accurate control of weight and body position
-Eliminate sliding up and into the tank, especially with passengers
-Improve riding style
-Decrease overall body fatigue
-Improve weight adjustment of body and bike while in motion
-Protect a highly abusive area of the tank
-Improve re-sale value
-Provide all the benefits of a grip material without shredding leathers
-Remove and re-use skins numerous times
-Customize skins to fit your functional needs and artistic style
-3 pieces per kit; left, right and tank protector in bike-specific kits, two 7.5" x 13" sheets and a tank protector in the general sheet kit

TechSpec S1000RR (20-) SnakeSkin Gripster Tank Pad Kit
Produced by TechSpec of Australia