Touratech F850GS|ADV Fork Cartridge Kit


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Concerting your F850GS's front end with a high-performance, closed cartridge fork kit from Touratech Suspension will wake up the front of your BMW and make a huge change in handling, stability, and performance in any of the on and
off road conditions you find yourself riding.

Not just a change in spring rate, or a simple re-valve, this cartridge conversion completely transforms the front-end of your F850GS with all new damping characteristics that can't be achieved with the stock F850GS or GSA forks.

The F850GS and GSA use a single fork leg to control both the compression and rebound damping, this reduces the weight of the forks to improve steering responsiveness both on and off pavement. The Touratech single sided cartridge
kit replaces the stock internals with much more capable components to drastically improve the wheel control without adding unnecessary weight to the fork. Additional benefits of this design are a significant reduction in
installation time and complexity as only a single fork leg needs to be removed from the motorcycle.

Gone are the days of non-adjustable stock front suspension. The Touratech kit is completely tunable with rebound, compression, and preload adjustments made from the top of the fork caps. No matter where your adventure takes
you, you can be assured that our cartridge system is designed to go the distance and tackle any terrain you throw at it.

BMW F850GS & ADV Touratech Cartridge Conversion Features:
-Easy Installation with simple "drop in" set-up. No irreversible machining or rework required. This kit includes everything you need to install the cartridge in the right side fork leg, and a decal to put on your left fork cap
so they match. The cartridge comes pre-sprung, filled with oil and charged with nitrogen. Simply install and ride.
-Closed Cartridge separates the air and the oil to prevent oil foaming. This direct damping technology ensures that your fork will have smooth and consistent performance even in punishing environments.
-Separation Bladder delivers lightning fast responsiveness due to minimal friction and eliminates foaming by pressurizing the oil.
-Adjustable compression damping allows absolute control of fork tuning to give you the precise handling characteristics you want in any conditions. With 20 clicks of adjustment you can control how fast the fork compresses. If
it feels too firm, you can reduce the compression damping. If the bike is going through the travel too quickly, feels too soft, or is bottoming out, you can increase compression damping.
-Adjustable rebound damping allows you to fine-tune the ride characteristics to meet your preferences. With 20 clicks of adjustment you can control how fast the fork moves back out. If it feels bouncy you can increase
compression damping. If the fork is progressively using up travel (packing) you can reduce rebound damping.
-Preload Adjustment is easily done by turning the durable steel nut on both legs to achieve proper ride height and use the suspension to its full potential.
-Easy Access with all adjustment screws located on top of the fork leg. Compression damping, rebound damping and preload can all be adjusted while sitting on the bike. This makes it easy to adjust the suspension and have it
perform just the way you want it.
-Hydraulic Bottoming Prevention – Like a pillow to prevent the fork from bottoming out suddenly, the hydraulic end stop offers secondary compression damping to smooth out the ride.
-High-strength 35mm aluminum cartridge body is lightweight and maximizes heat dissipation to ensure consistent damping.
-Large volume cartridge holds more oil resulting in cooler operating temperatures, consistent damping and longer life.
-Chrome-plated steel piston rod prevents wear and offers maximum strength and durability resulting in smooth action.
-Includes custom spring selected for your weight and riding style.
-Damping set up for fully-loaded F850GS or GSA right out-of-the-box.

Why is a closed cartridge system better?
1.Damping oil is separated from the nitrogen which prevents foaming. This results in unmatched consistency in damping. An open system loses damping the harder it is ridden as oils gets mixed with gas.

2.Closed systems allow the selection of different oil specifications for damping versus lubrication. Heavier oil is better for lubricating, while a lighter weight oil is better for damping. A closed system allows
the engineers to select the best oil for each job which dramatically improves performance. Open systems have to make a big compromise with oil selection because they must choose an oil type that is resistant to
foaming, can provide lubrication and also work for damping. The result is an oil specification that is not the best for any single job.

3.A closed cartridge is a self contained "drop-in" solution that offers unmatched performance.

Fits BMW F850GS and Adventure. Please select your bike model above. When ordering, please answer the following questions in the "Comments" section so we can ensure the kit is setup correctly for you. Please call or write if you
have any questions.

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Touratech F850GS|ADV Fork Cartridge Kit
Produced by Touratech of Germany