Touratech GPS Bracket Adapter


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This crossbar adapter system allows you to mount any computer, route chart holders, gps system. Our TOURATECH GPS mounts fit perfectly on this adapter. Up or down, forward or backward, this mount fits anywhere. Great for working with tapered bars and or steering stabilizers. Extremely adjustable, perfect for our Touratech GPS mounts.Verticals are 2.7 inches long and can be cut shorter. Comes with 4.5 inch horizontal (as shown) and a 10 inch bar too.

Fits almost any motorcycle with M8 handlebar bolts
Bars are extra long, can be cut
Includes all screws for Metric motorcycles (M8)

NOTE: Does not include GPS mount. This adapter just provides a place for attaching Touratech mounts.

Touratech GPS Bracket Adapter
Produced by Enduro Engineering for Touratech