Touratech/HyperPro F850GS|ADV Lowering Kit


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If your BMW F850GS sits a little too high for you to comfortably reach the ground, this lower spring kit from Touratech suspension is an easy option for lowering the BMW 850 while dramatically improving its handling.

Not only will it lower your motorcycle, but installing progressive springs will also give your BMW F850GS a significant improvement in handling and braking, both on and off-road. The progressively wound springs for the front and rear suspension give you a plush ride at slow speeds, but when the road gets rough, or you decide to push hard in the corners, the springs are much firmer towards the bottom of the travel where you need it the most.

Replacing your shock and front fork springs with our progressively wound lower springs is a less expensive alternative to having your suspension's travel reduced and installing shorter springs. No modifications to your forks or rear shock are necessary to run these springs. They work by using a very soft spring rate for the first 40mm (1.6") of travel, and a normal progressive rate for the rest, giving you a suspension system that is
40mm shorter underweight, but normal length unweighted.

Touratech/HyperPro F850GS|ADV Lowering Kit
Produced by HyperPro for Touratech of Germany