Touratech/Hyperpro R1250GS|R1200GS WC (17-)|R1250GS ADV|ADV WC (17-) Progressive Spring Kit


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Installing a Touratech Suspension progressive spring kit on your BMW R1250GS, R1200GS or Adventure is the biggest improvement you can make to its handling, short of replacing the complete shock assemblies. If you are looking
for a quick and inexpensive way to make your GS handle like a dream, look no further.

The OEM shocks on BMW R1250GS, R1200GS and GSA motorcycles have proven to be under-sprung from the factory for the majority of riders. If you ride with luggage or a passenger, or weigh more than about 170 pounds with gear
on, you will definitely feel the difference in performance these springs offer. The progressively wound springs get firmer as they compress, meaning the closer you get to bottoming out, the more they will resist it. Your
bike will bottom-out less, and feel more stable being pushed hard into corners with this kit. On-road and off, you'll feel more confident, stable, and comfortable while riding.

These spring kits are also available in a LOW version, that will lower your seat height by about 20mm (0.8 inches). This is the easiest and most cost effective way to lower the seat height of your R1200GS or GSA to get
your feet planted more firmly on the ground. The lowering springs work by having the top 20mm of the travel sprung soft enough that the weight of the bike and rider instantly takes up the excess travel, effectively reducing
the seat height by 0.8 inches. No modifications to the original shocks are necessary, but you may want to shorten your sidestand and/or centerstand.

-Spring kits are ONLY compatible original BMW stock shocks, they do not fit any aftermarket shocks
-Fits BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure, WATER-Cooled models
-Fits BMW R1250GS and GSA
-Includes front and rear springs
-Installation by a professional highly recommended
-Greatly improves handling and feel of motorcycle
-Made in Holland by Hyperpro for Touratech Suspension

Note: Only fits machines with stock ESA shocks. Choose model and height above.

Touratech/Hyperpro R1250GS|R1200GS WC (17-)|R1250GS ADV|ADV WC (17-) Progressive Spring Kit
Produced by HyperPro for Touratech of Germany