Touratech R1200GS ADV WC (14-) Upper Crash Bars


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The water-cooled R1200GS Adventure model features a massive fuel tank which gives the bike amazing fuel range, but is also vulnerable to denting and damage with its wide, aluminum construction. Extend the protection of your OEM crash bars rearward to protect the aluminum fuel tank with these upper crash bar extensions from Touratech.

Made of strong, 1" thick stainless steel tubing, these extensions brace to the GS's frame in two places, as well as bolting with discreet, laser-cut clamps to the original BMW upper bars. These bars are engineered to distribute the force of an impact to the frame, protecting your tank and bodywork in the event of a fall. The stylish design also accents the rugged look of the GSA, while not being too distracting.

Easy to install, these bars bolt on in no time using existing mounting points on tbe bike, and precision clamp assemblies.

-Made of electropolished stainless steel
-Mount to original BMW R1200GS Adventure model upper crash bars
-All mounting hardware included
-Fits BMW R1200GS Adventure models with original OEM crash bars only, 2014 and newer
-NOT compatible with Touratech R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) BMW Crash Bar Reinforcements part # 045-5164
-Made in Germany by Touratech

Dimemsional weight listed

Touratech R1200GS ADV WC (14-) Upper Crash Bars
Produced by Touratech of Germany