Touratech R1250GS|R12GS WC|1250GS ADV|ADV WC|F850GS|F750GS Works Footpegs


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The wide, grippy, high ground clearance design of the Works foogpegs is specifically engineered for street and off road touring on your Water-Cooled BMW R1200GS or Adventure.

These "Works" foot pegs were designed specifically for the needs of long distance touring and off-road riding on your BMW GS. The serrated claw design of the peg has plenty of grip for off-road riding, but the teeth are rounded on top so they won't tear up your nice touring boots. The 52mm (2 inch) wide peg offers tons of stability when standing on up on the pegs, and support when sitting down on the street. The open design of the pegs allow clay, mud, and rocks to fall through, keeping your traction no matter what the weather or terrain. You'll never need to worry about slipping off your BMW's pegs when they're wet or muddy.

The low profile design of the pegs allow more ground clearance than most other aftermarket footpegs. The chamfered bottom edge will give you more room for clearing ruts, rocks or stumps when riding off road. Their bright stainless steel finish with laser inscription will stay looking nice for as long as they're mounted on your motorcycle.

-52mm (2") wide x 3.5" long
-Claw profile that is kind to your boots
-Perfect combination of grip and self-cleaning
-Designed for better ground clearance
-Strengthened mounting point
-Blasted surface finish and laser inscription
-Made in Germany by Touratech

Available in standard and low (.8"/20mm lower), please choose below.

Touratech R1250GS|R12GS WC|1250GS ADV|ADV WC|F850GS|F750GS Works Footpegs
Produced by Touratech of Germany