Touratech R1250GS|R1200GS WC Auxiliary Light Kit


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BMW R1200GS Water Cooled, LED Light Kit - The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. Light up the night with a set of bright LED's from Touratech. LED lights provide the the best mix of effeciency and brightness, making them perfect for an adventure touring motorcycle. Drawing only thirteen watts each, these lights leave you plenty of extra juice to power your heated gear or other accessories. Their low-profile design, and bike-specific mounting system ensures they'll look like they belong on your BMW GS. Everything you need to mount and wire these lights is included in the kit.

Touratech LED Lights Features:
Pure Light - The output of the Touratech LED lights is pure white light, which is more effective at lighting up the road, and is more noticeable to other vehicles during both the day and night.
Low Power Consumption - Touratech LED lights draw only 13 watts each (A standard headlight draws 55 watts). This saves your limited wattage for heated gear, or other electronic accessories and also saves your alternator from excessive wear and tear.
Built specifically for your liquid cooled R1200GS or Adventure - While others offer a one size fits all approach, Touratech builds complete lighting kits specifically for your model of motorcycle. In each Touratech kit you receive a complete mounting system designed for your bike. The kit includes the wiring harness, high quality toggle switch, light side-guards, and all the necessary mounting hardware. The Touratech light kit comes with everything you need for a successful installation.
High-Quality Reflectors and Lenses - Touratech LED's feature reflectors and lenses designed to minimize the amount of scattered light, meaning more of the produced light reaches the road, where it counts. Other brands use lower quality reflectors and lenses with imperfections that scatter the produced light, reducing overall effectiveness.
Low Profile Design - Touratech LED lights and mounting systems are low profile, and stylish by design. Our lights do a great job at accentuating the Adventure Ready look of your R1200GS water boxer, even when they're switched off.
Be Visible! - Our LED lights help make you visible to other drivers. The bright white beam of the Touratech LED lights draw the attention of other drivers, who sometimes don't see motorcycles. While our LED's grab other motorist's attention, they are not so bright that they blind and distract them.
Low Maintenance - LED lights offer reliable service for thousands of hours, and do not have delicate filaments that can break like a traditional incandescent bulb. That means there's no need to carry spare bulbs or worry about burnt-out lights with Touratech LED's.
Complete set includes left and right side lights, wiring, and mounting hardware

Touratech R1250GS|R1200GS WC Auxiliary Light Kit
Produced by Touratech of Germany