Touratech R1200GS WC (13-) Crash Bars


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Touratech Crash Bars - Better by Design

It happens to the best of us... A parking lot tip over, gravel road drop, or even a low-side on the pavement with the R1200GS boxer engine can seriously jeopardize your trip. The valve cover and cylinder hit the ground when the heavy GS tips over, so crash bars are critical protection. Touratech crash bars protect your engine with a stainless steel cage structure that wraps around the valve cover and cylinder of the liquid cooled R1200GS for complete coverage.

Made with 2mm wall thickness, 25mm (1 inch) diameter stainless steel tubing, these crash bars are engineered to take a beating and never let you down. The stainless steel tubing cage completely wraps around the valve covers and cylinder head of the boxer engine, leaving no chance for it to contact the ground. Touratech engineers take great care to keep the bars compact and low profile, to preserve the maximum lean angle of the BMW R1200GS. While other manufacturers promote bars that stick out far beyond the cylinder, it’s a bad idea because it compromises the lean angle of the motorcycle and makes it difficult to maneuver in tight situations. A crash bar built right should be strong, compact and in tight.

Touratech crash bars are designed to take the force of an impact, and transfer it around the frame and engine of your GS by using a sturdy bracing system, and specially engineered connections. The team at Touratech has invested many hours of testing and design analysis to make sure these bars will prevent damage to your R1200GS. In addition to offering the ultimate in protection, the stainless steel tubing follows the natural lines of the GS accenting the distinctive look of this stylish boxer.

Installation and service couldn't be easier with these crash bars. All necessary hardware and instructions are included with the kit. They're quick and easy to remove when it's time for your valve adjustment, and do not need to be removed for oil changes. With Touratech crash bars, you'll never have to remove the engine mounting bolts for installation or service.

Extend the protection from your crash bars up to the radiator and fairings, by adding the optional Touratech R1200GS WC (13-16) Upper Crash Bars or Touratech R1200GS WC (17-) Upper Crash Bars.

-Made of strong 25mm diameter, 2mm wall-thickness stainless steel tubing
-Stainless steel tube cage design protects by completely wrapping around the cylinder
-Design prevents excess force into frame or engine
-Available in Electropolished or Black Epoxy coated finishes
-Compact design maximizes maneuverability off-road and preserves lean angle for the twisties
-Easily removed for service
-All hardware included for easy installation
-Fits BMW R1200GS Water Cooled models 2013-and newer
-Compatible with Touratech cylinder head guards and upper crash bar extensions
-Made in Germany by Touratech

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Touratech R1200GS WC (13-) Crash Bars
Produced by Touratech of Germany