Touratech R1250GS|ADV|R1200GS WC|ADV WC Final Drive Guard


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The final drive on your R1200GS is what puts all that power and torque from the water-cooled boxer engine to the ground. Give it some extra protection from rocks and impacts with this extremely tough final drive guard from Touratech.

Made of fiber-reinforced composite plastic material, this guard is easy to install and will protect the liquid cooled GS's somewhat vulnerable final drive from rock or debris impact while riding on or off-road. Great for keeping the scratches and dings off the final drive housing, it is also strong enough to protect against larger impacts and damage.

Comes complete with a stylish Touratech cap to cover the lower pivot point on the final drive.

Pair this guard with our Final Drive Slider, for the most complete protection of your BMW's driveline.

-Protects final drive housing from damage
-Color: Black
-Made of high-strength fiber reinforced composite material
-Quick and easy to install
-Fits BMW R1250GS/Adv, R1200GS 2013-on, R1250GS Adv 2014-on
-Made in Germany by Touratech

Touratech R1250GS|ADV|R1200GS WC|ADV WC Final Drive Guard
Produced by Touratech of Germany