Touratech R1250GS|R1200GS WC|1250GS ADV|ADV WC Bar Risers


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Touratech bar risers are a great way to improve the riding position on your BMW R1250GS, R1200GS, or Adventure. There is no substitute for a bike that fits you. When it's more comfortable, it makes long trips more enjoyable.

Many R1250GS and R1200GS riders find that increasing bar height by 35mm and bringing them back 20mm towards them makes a noticeable improvement to their comfort. Raising the bar height results in a more upright position which can relieve neck and back strain while bringing them back towards the rider reduces the reach and give you a much more relaxed position for those long tours.

Installation of these offset risers does not require modifications or replacing your existing brake lines or other controls like with taller risers.

These aluminum bar risers are precision-crafted at the Touratech factory in Germany. They are designed specifically for the handlebars of the BMW R1250GS and 2013 and newer water-cooled BMW R1200GS and GSA models.

-Raises handlebars 35mm (1.4") and brings them back towards rider 20mm (0.8")
-Longer bolts for installation included
-Machined aluminum bar risers with anodized silver finish
-Fits BMW R1250GS, R1250GS Adventure, R1200GS & R1200GSA 2013-on
-Made in Germany by Touratech

Touratech R1250GS|R1200GS WC (13-)|1250GS ADV|ADV WC (14-) Bar Risers
Produced by Touratech of Germany