Verholen 22mm Bar Risers


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Add tube style handlebar risers for your 22mm handlebar!

This great bar riser set from Verholen moves the handlebar 50mm (about 2 inches) closer to you to give you the relief you are looking for.

Verholen states that this kit works on most motorcycles with 22mm tube style handlebars with a hole center distance of 32 - 34mm. Thank you for understanding that with so many motorcycles out there, the manufacturer cannot test all makes and models.

While most bikes do not need to change out the brake or clutch line, some do. Generally the line just needs to be loosened from the cable ties, or repositioned behind the handlebar to provide the extra room needed. However, be advised that your make/model may require the addition of a longer brake or clutch line. After installing the riser but BEFORE riding, please verify that you can turn your handlebars from lock to lock and all the lines are not stretched or pinched.

Verified fit for R1200R 2006-2010 with original brake line.

Verholen 22mm Bar Risers
Produced by Verholen of Germany