Verholen F800GT Bar Risers


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Does your body need relief when you're riding your BMW F800GT?

Get the more relaxed riding position you've been longing for by adding this handlebar riser kit!

This handle bar riser kit for the F800GT brings the bar about 50mm (almost 2 inches Diagonally) closer to the driver. That makes the seating position more upright so you can be more comfortable on your bike.

The finish is silver anodized, hardware is included. Uses your stock piece to clamp the handlebar in place. No new cables are required, but it may require cable and hose re-routing. 1.5" brake line adapter piece is included in the kit. Generally it is sufficient to run all hoses and wires behind the fork brace. We recommend that this part be installed by a trained, certified technician.

Verholen F800GT Bar Risers
Produced by Verholen of Germany