Verholen R1200RS WC Bar Risers


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MV Verholen handlebar adapter for the R1200RS LC.

These sophisticated and elaborately milled adapters for your BMW R1200RS LC bring the handlebars 60mm closer and 30mm higher and thus ensure a more significant improvement in sitting position.

This results in a natural ergonomic and a healthier sitting position. The original GPS screws from BMW will be used.

The original lines remain, normally only one cable tie must be removed at the bottom. The original BMW GPS mounting can still be used.

Installation of Handlebar adapter "risers" or Footpeg lowering kits can be considered an "Advanced" installation by some. Since we are unaware of each individuals mechanical ability, we recommend these parts be installed by a certified motorcycle technician that is proficient on your model of motorcycle and understands the demands and requirements to install "aftermarket" parts.

Verholen R1200RS WC Bar Risers
Produced by Verholen of Germany